Late summer is the perfect time for a country escape – cozy mornings in bed and long walks to see the first colors of fall heralding cooler days.
Let’s be honest, when it comes to color, fall is the very best season. 
Summer can’t compete with the oranges and greens you stumble across on pumpkin farms or apple orchards, the spectacular reds, and yellows of fall foliage rule.
This the perfect set-up for a weekend escape, to ramble through organic fields of vineyards, with beautifully manicured gardens and rolling grounds perfect for a  wander, there’s no reason to leave: this is definitely beyond my ideal place.
My country house, a source of enjoyment and refuge, a place in which to escape when you want to unwind, relax, and have fun.
The best panorama is from the pergola, the view on the valley from there is spectacular.
And then… relax in the swimming pool wearing a unique piece made by Malì Luxury Beachwear of Manuela Muratore.
Limited Edition creations, with the high quality and the elegance of the  Italian style.
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Location: my country house – Venticano – Italy

Photos: Tony Pascarosa
I was wearing:
Hermès scarf, belt, bracelet, bag, and slippers