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To bling out; to add high-end qualities to a product or service (or outfit); to make something overly impressive, expensive, or elaborate;
Ironically, it can also mean to make something look expensively tacky or unnecessarily flashy
The trip idea is good but we need to guccify it and add more fancy details.

American Express has a totally guccified call center; it’s way impressive.
That spinning fiber optic Christmas tree was completely guccified.

To acquire, shop for, purchase or bedazzle oneself with Bling; To dress up with flash and color
Adj. the most expensive or sophisticated (thing or something) of a range of products.
It has the quality of a high-end boutique.
other word for cool, nice, sexy
Dude, flashy pants you’re wearing today!
When something is so gucci you have to make it more gucci.
jeff had a bean burrito and he added sauce to it to make it super guccified

So, what are you waiting for? Guccify yourself!
(Click here to see the Gucci Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection).
(Click here to see The SS 2019 Fashion Show).

Photos: Oigres Elirab
I was wearing:
Gucci total look
Dior “Diorama” bag