Specialist journals consider the “jewel” of the southwestern coastline to be one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Sardinia and I can only confirm their unanimous opinion. 
It is a mixture of crystal clear water, fine sand, and Mediterranean fragrances, in natural and still unspoiled scenery… one of the most appealing beaches I visited in Sardinia.
Tuerredda beach, sheltered from the wind, the v-shaped stretches for just about half a kilometer, but big treats come in small packages!
Its natural beauty is breathtaking and is quite simply a jewel with scenery resembling that of the Caribbean. 
The turquoise water shimmers everywhere with underwater plants and amazing rocks shape up the outline of this wonder and the sand is fine and bright, similar to talc.
Because of the sheltered location, there are no dangers and even chic yachts like to anchor in the bay.
Accordingly, the audience on the beach is a bit more exclusive.
Remember that the bikini cover-ups are the ultimate addition to your vacay wardrobe for summer 2020, so I’m wearing a green cover-up dress to add glamour to my beach outfit in one of the most scenic and iconic beaches on the whole island.
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 Location: Tuerredda Beach Club – Sardinia – Italy

Behind the scenes

Photos: Jacopo Maria Barile
I was wearing:
ChangeIt bikini and cover-up
Bottega Veneta bag
Fendi sunglasses
Oysho hat